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Looking for the best gym website templates for your fitness business? Is your website overweight or running slow?  Don’t sweat it!  Get your website in shape with RhinoFit’s ultra-fast gym website templates. Our website templates are designed for a variety of fitness businesses including gyms, fitness centers, boxing clubs, martial arts facilities, yoga studios, and more!

RhinoFit’s Gym Website Templates are built for Speed and Power!

RhinoFit’s website templates combine speed, power, and functionality. This way you can boost online memberships and product sales at your gym.

Our light-weight templates come packed with all the powerful features you need including a dynamic header, animated text, prospect forms, a gym calendar, product store, and more. The templates are SEO-friendly and can work on any device including a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. You can also customize your own website by adding your own logo, brand colors, and more!

All the Website Integrations you need!

With RhinoFit’s website templates, you can connect some of the most valuable gym management features directly into your website theme! These website integrations include your Class Calendar, Sign-In Kiosk, Member Login, Membership Store, Product Store, and Prospect Widget.

With RhinoFit’s embedded iFrame technology, you can track any member sign ups, product purchases, class reservations, and booked appointments right from the RhinoFit dashboard!

1. Calendar Integration

RhinoFit’s Calendar has all the scheduling tools you need to simplify you class management. Members can sign up online or from the mobile app.

Set up unlimited classes that include the class name, description, and time. To prevent overbooking, you can set an attendance limit, along with a reservation and wait list limit.

The RhinoFit Calendar can easily be embedded into your gym’s website. When a member books a class or appointment, it is automatically entered into the RhinoFit software!

2. Membership Store Integration

With RhinoFit’s website templates, you can easily add a membership store to your website. You can offer several membership choices: a 7-day trial, group membership, single purchase, appointment, or custom membership. Create a membership store that clearly outlines each type of membership, the price, and billing details. Potential clients will be more inclined to sign up when the checkout process is simple and easily accessible right from your website!

3. Product Store Integration

With a product store, you can add value and significant income to your gym. Grow your brand with custom fitness gear and nutritional supplements. There is no limit to the products you can sell! By setting up a digital product store, both members and non-members can purchase directly from your website.

To ensure your website stays on brand, you can fully customize the product store. Although the store comes with a default color scheme, you can change the colors to match your company website. The text, buttons, backgrounds, and border colors can all be personalized!

4. Prospect Widget Integration

The prospect widget is a feature that lets you create a form for a new prospect to fill out directly on your website. Once filled out, a prospect account will be created for the user. To create a new widget, simply add a name, email, preview and submit it, send a welcome email, and enter a success message for the user to see. Each widget is color customizable and can be easily integrated into your website. Collect leads directly from your website with the widget integration!

5. Member Login Integration

The Member Login is also included with RhinoFit’s gym website templates.  Easily set up a login page on your website for members to access all their personal membership and workout information. Your members will have the convenience to book appointments, reserve classes, or purchase any memberships and products directly from your website with just a click of a button.

6. Sign-In Kiosk Integration

RhinoFit’s Sign-In Kiosk is a valuable tool that will help to improve your day-to-day operations and member experience. With the convenience of a quick key tag or mobile phone barcode scan, your members can easily sign-in for their class or workout. This way you and your members can record class reservations, track how many spots are available for a class, and measure how frequently your members visit the gym.

With website integration, you can present the Sign-In Kiosk straight from your website! When members enter your gym, they can easily sign in and begin their class or workout. No need to hire a front desk employee! The Sign-In Kiosk is also a powerful reporting tool that provides valuable knowledge regarding attendance, traffic patterns, and class insights.

Ready to get Started?

Simply just send our website design team your gym’s information, content, and preferences, and let us do the rest! We collaborate with you on the website design until you’re completely satisfied.

For only $24.95 a month, you will get up to 5 pages of free website design with all of RhinoFit’s website integrations included! There are no set up fees and your hosting fees come included!

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